Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Winter Contingency has been declared


In-progress Mission Report: Sierra 320.

07:35 Hours: Command lost contact with the relay outpost at Visegrad. After a team of Army troopers went missing in that area, Col. Holland insisted that Noble Team would be sent to investigate.

"Prepped for Insertion"

08:01 Hours: We've touched down. Something's wrong here. A lot of buildings are burning, and a lot of people are gone.

"Smoke Signals"

08:07 Hours: Emile found a distress beacon, but there was no clue of the people who'd left it there. A lot of blood, though.

"Scene of the Crime"

08:23 Hours: Emile encountered some colonists, and unsurprisingly reacted with hostility. Thankfully Jorge was there to diffuse the situation. We've already got far too much people with anti-UNSC sympathies out there, no need to put oil on the fire. The colonists said something attacked them during the night... Insurrectionists?

"Just Farmers"

08:32 Hours: We proceeded through the village, and made an unsettling discovery: the mangled corpses of the missing Army troopers. Their bodies showed signs of interrogation. Insurrectionists may be brutal, but I don't think this is their handiwork. There are clawmarks all over the place.

"CSI: Reach"

08:35 Hours: Something's seriously wrong here. I don't think we're dealing with Insurrectionists. The entire team feels it, but we don't want to say anything. I suspect we're just dealing with the tip of an iceberg here.

"One of these things does not belong in this picture."

08:39 Hours: Our worst fears have been realized: the Covenant are on Reach. Putting our shock and disbelief aside, Noble Team went to work. The Covenant had been alerted to our presence, however, and commenced a counterattack.

"That's the Spirit!"

08: 42 Hours: This, as expected, severely brightened up Emile's day.

"Why so serious?"

08:50 Hours: Even Noble Six joined in on the 'festivities'... I'm starting to wonder if he'll become a liability.

"The Dukes of Reach"

08:51 Hours: At least he's effective.

"Only death in their wake."

08:53 Hours: I guess they didn't call him a hyper-lethal vector for no reason.

"Dimming the Lights of Sanghelios"

09:00 Hours: And even though we defeated the Covenant at Visegrad, I have a sense things are going to get worse before they get better. Winter Contingency has been declared: it's only a time before Reach goes the way of Harvest. Noble Team is still planet-side, however, and, to quote Jorge, "The Covenant are in for a world of hurt."

"Falcon in the Sky"


Joe said...

"Insurrectionists may be brutal, but I don't think even they'd be capable of something like this."

Except that one time that was mentioned in Halsey's journal when they blew up millions of people with a nuke.

Anonymous said...


Kenneth said...

You've got a point there, Joe. Let's just call it a momentary lapse in Kat's judgement. :p