Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What We Fight For

From: T. WYATT
Subject: Just for you.

One of our satellites picked up these beautiful images... I'm not supposed to send you these, but you've always had a passion for outer space. I might be home late for dinner this evening, so tell your mother I'm sorry, okay?

- Thomas Wyatt

Images Enclosed:




Vexrog said...

hey, think you could put those up at a higher resolution. I wanna use them as my background.

Anonymous said...

Higher rez would be awesome... I've got the same background desire.

Kenneth said...

Never fear, I'm working on it. Silly Photobucket is giving me grief.

Kareem said...

hey, i just made a blog that has to do with Halo, and Halo: Reach. You're a popular website, think you could promote it for me? thx

Kareem said...

oh, and epic pics by the way. i might do a similar thing.